Moses on Moses

Moses on Moses July 10, 2016

Moses on Moses' humility

I came across the above meme, which nicely highlights one of many absurdities that result from viewing Moses as the author of the Pentateuch.

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  • arcseconds

    There is something absurd about people boasting of their own humility, to be sure, but it’s not the kind of absurdity that suggests the story can’t be true, I’m afraid 🙂

  • Tony

    Man, just realized it has been a while since I read or replied to a post from Mr James F.M. I couldn’t disagree more with his views. Of course this appears to be another attempt to discredit his opposing views. But to be fair, his critical views are aimed against the nominal believer that cannot easily understand what he/she reads. Suffice to say Mr James needs to read a bit more on the subject of the Torah editorial notes. Of course that would open up the can of worms people who oppose inerrancy. however, we know that editorial notes exists throughout the biblical text. So my options are 1) Moses is the original author of the entire Torah, 2) Moses is the original author and the text contains editorial notes, and 3) Some German scholar came up with a JEDP theory, perhaps while sipping some of Grandma’s good ‘old medicine.

    I’ll stay with option 2, Moses is the original author and the text contains editorial notes.

    • It is ironic that you think that views which result from careful study of the text are worthy of mockery, while your simplistic decision to decide to believe traditional authorship, and to view counter-evidence as a later addition, is proffered without evidence or argument.

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Well, I’ve heard theories suggesting that Joshua or one of his companions may have written down certain parts of the Pentateuch, such as the one mentioned in the above meme…but what would you think if I were to tell you that I believe Moses ultimately did author the Torah in some form or fashion? ^^;;

    • Do you mean that he wrote the entire thing, or that he wrote laws (and perhaps other material) that were incorporated into it? The latter is certainly compatible with the evidence.