Noah’s Brother

Noah’s Brother July 5, 2016

Thanx Delbert

Depending on where you are coming from, you can regard this as highlighting the absurdity of trying to treat the YEC interpretation of the flood story as factual, or as laying the groundwork for another theme park, Ark Encounter II.

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  • One Truth

    If I remember right, God created the entire universe from nothing but a word, let alone the earth. I am quite sure your creator ( whether you will ever acknowledge Him or not ) could manage to replant the earth with vegetation after a global flood that He spoke with another word.

    If you really had it all figured out, I would suggest that you try explaining where our conscience comes from. You know, that voice declaring guilt or praise that we ‘Humans’ receive deep within our souls on a daily basis, depending on our actions. Simply another chance happening perhaps?

    • And presumably God could create instantaneously. And so why listen to a source that claims God took 6 days?

      Surely letting the evidence from creation itself inform our conclusions is better than this sort of a priori reasoning?

      • One Truth

        1) Nice ditch effort.

        2) Who are you or I to tell God Almighty when He should start or finish anything.

        It completely amazes me that so many still hold on to this ‘Theory of Evolution’ when it is so clearly an absolute impossibility. Life cannot come from nothing. Science itself has already proven that.

        • You seemed to be telling God how to go about doing things, based on a selective reading of ancient texts.

          I’m not sure which us more ironic – that you think that abiogenesis is evolution, or that you are unaware that the Book of Genesis depicts the earth and waters and bringing forth living things, because God had created them with the ability to do so – the view held prior to Pasteur.

          • One Truth

            My friend, I hardly do any selective reading. I take the entire bible as nothing less than absolute truth. Even the passages that describe the spiritual blindness of those who deny God in their heart….

            Romans 1:18-32

            John 8:43-45

            2 Thessalonians 2:1-122

            Peter 2:1-14

            And the list goes on and on.