This Isn’t What We Meant When We Said “Pence Must Go”

This Isn’t What We Meant When We Said “Pence Must Go” July 15, 2016

A friend posted this as her status update on Facebook, and it seemed to me precisely the sort of thing that might go viral, and so I asked permission to share it.

Pence Must Go to DC

For those who aren’t aware, there have been “Pence Must Go” signs up all over Indianapolis. And so the comment on Facebook is noting the irony, that Pence is going…to try to go to Washington DC, which wasn’t what the signs meant!



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  • Ed Mouse

    Don’t worry. He won’t make it to DC. Unless he’s in the audience at the inauguration. For your sake, I hope he can’t return to his old job.

  • John MacDonald

    I guess it de-Pence on whether or not he would do a better job in Washington than he did in Indiana.

  • Frank

    Hillary is finished.