Matrix Regeneration

Matrix Regeneration July 15, 2016

The Matrix movies came out a long time ago – the original film was released in 1999! And so the allusion to them in the title of this blog is seeming increasingly dated. And so I’ve decided that it is probably time to rename this blog – even though rumor has it that The Matrix 4 will be made, and perhaps yet another Matrix movie after that. Of course, those rumors go back to things Keanu Reeves said in 2011

When you hear what the new name is, you won’t be surprised. But feel free to make serious guesses nevertheless, so that you can say “See, I knew it!” after the change is made.

But much more fun will be to see how many silly yet appropriate names you can come up with for this blog.

Who knows – one of them might be so good that I’ll quickly contact Patheos and say “Forget what we talked about – isn’t this better?”

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