Share This To Heal The Nation

Share This To Heal The Nation July 13, 2016

This New Yorker cartoon came to my attention via Facebook, and I immediately knew I had to share it, if only to remind myself that, even when one of my memes goes viral (as this one in particular did, and this one in a more modest way just recently), that isn’t what is going to fix the problems facing our world.

But can memes help at all? Have you ever had a meme speak to your soul, and lead you to change your core beliefs or reconcile with an estranged fellow human being? Do memes do anything more that entertain, in ways that reinforce existing divisions rather than building bridges?

If the answer is no, then I hope you will share this post and spread the word to others…



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  • John MacDonald

    Aphorisms speak to a kind of pure thought that we see in the pre-Socratics and Nietzsche. Heidegger said that the fact we need books of 400 pages or more to express ourselves shows just how far we are from essential thinking.

  • arcseconds

    You think you’ve caught me in a recursive thing where whichever way I turn I have to concede the power of the meme, but the joke’s on you! I could promote this meme but all it would do is reinforce the notion among people who have the notion that memes aren’t a productive way of communicating!

    I’m convinced of the 2nd possibility: at best they’re entertaining, often they’re a way of shoring up one’s own beliefs, and they’re often just a way of sarcastically attacking people, which I’m not necessarily against, but isn’t really contributing to healing the world. I doubt they do very much at all to reach people who hold different beliefs, and in many cases more the reverse. People can tell when they’re being made fun of or being snarked at.