#TheBirdIsTheWord September 25, 2016

While talking with Shayna Sheinfeld and Meredith Warren in Italy this summer, they suggested that it would be fun to organize a conference panel in which all the papers had the same title, with only the subtitle differing. The common title that we started with was “The Bird is the Word.” I can’t remember the ones we came up with then, but I have done my best to produce some new ones. How’s this for a conference panel?

McGrath, James F., “The Bird is the Word: The Identity of Spirit and Logos in John 1.”

Galbraith, Deane, “The Bird is the Word: Rude Gesticulations and their Significance in Early Christian Praxis.”

Goi, Simona, “The Bird is the Word: The Spirit of Grammar from Kantian, Hegelian, and Nietzschian Perspectives.”

Burridge, Richard A., “The Bird is the Word: On the Symbolism of the Eagle for the Fourth Evangelist.”

Albanese, Catherine L., “The Bird is the Word: Luther’s Spirituality of Scripture in a Nineteenth Century American Context.”

Burke, Kenneth, “The Bird is the Word: On Pneumatic Logology and the Problem of Theological Jargon.”

Sheinfeld, Shayna, “The Bird is the Word: IV Ezra as Polemic against the Authority of Roman Proclamations.”

Warren, Meredith, “The Bird is the Word: Living on a Wing and a Prayer in the Fourth Gospel and other Greco-Roman Literature.”

Bird, Michael, “The Bird is the Word: Why My Conclusions Are More Convincing Than Anyone Else’s.”

What others can you come up with for this common title (which also makes for a great Twitter hashtag for the conference/session)? What other common titles/hashtags might be fun to explore in the same way?

And on a related note:

The Bird is the Word

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