Does Being Exist?

Does Being Exist? September 26, 2016

It was about 8 years ago that I blogged about the strange question that is involved in debating God as understood by a wide array of liberal, existentialist, panentheist, pantheist, and/or mystical religious people. “Does being exist?” seems to be a self-evidently odd question. But for those who think of God as the ultimate, all-encompassing reality, whatever the attributes thereof may be, one can only say “that God does not exist” if one, in essence, denies reality – which is arguably self-contradictory.

Click through to read that post from 2008. See also the discussion at Friendly Humanist about what deserves to be called “God.”

Finally, the image below came to my attention as part of a Buzzfeed list of things that only people who’ve gone to divinity school will understand:

Grounds of Being

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