Trolley Problem Memes

Trolley Problem Memes September 26, 2016

I mentioned the possibility that “The Skittles Problem” might replace “The Trolley Problem” as the go-to illustration in ethics classes.

I am now almost certain that it won’t – unless we get as many amazing Skittles problem memes as there are trolley problem memes. Take a look at this sampling below, which is just a collection of a few of my favorites. I’ll start with the ones that intersect with science fiction. But the last trolley problem meme is also funny for me as a professor who discusses philosophical thought experiments. And then, at the end, as a special treat, there is a particularly good meme related to the Skittles analogy that Donald Trump Jr. used.

Teleportation trolley problem

Grandfather Trolley Problem

Ship of Theseus Trolley Problem

Gambler's Trolley Problem


Competitive Trolley Problem
A competitive version of the trolley problem.

Monty Trolley Problem  Recursive Trolley Problem Love Trolley ProblemVenetian Gondola ProblemThe cost of the trolley problemPhilosopher's job trolley problem

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