Guest Appearance as God

Guest Appearance as God November 15, 2016

One of the projects that students in my First Year Seminar course “Faith, Doubt, and Reason” do is to create additional scenes that could be added to Goethe’s Faust (Part One). From time to time, students have needed one more actor than the number of people in their small group, and have written in a guest part for me to play. That happened this semester, as a group of students who added a scene after the end of the story they had read, and needed someone to play God in a scene that takes place in heaven.

To symbolize the fact that this part of the story took place in heaven, I was asked to climb on the table and deliver the lines there.

As soon as I did that, students pulled out their phones. Some took photos, others took video, and the videos are now on YouTube. One is at the top of this post, and here are two others:

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