Chamber Chat Before Messiah

Chamber Chat Before Messiah December 8, 2016

The Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra has two performance of Handel’s Messiah this coming Sunday and Monday. The first is a performance of the entire oratorio; the second is a sing-along. You can find more information about the performances on the ICO website.

My colleague Paul Valliere and I will be having a pre-concert chat on Sunday (starting at 2pm, an hour before the concert start time), and I’ll be having much the same chat with Maestro Kraemer on Monday evening (starting at 6:30, again an hour before the concert start time). The chat will be aiming to set the stage for the performances by highlighting aspects of the text, the theology of the work, what emerges through the interplay of text and music, and its subsequent reception – all very briefly, with mere tidbits and examples, since the chat is only scheduled to last about 35 minutes.

I hope you can join us!


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