The Mandaean Book of John: Table of Contents

The Mandaean Book of John: Table of Contents December 10, 2016

The entire draft of the English translation of the Mandaean Book of John is still not available online. But I thought I would nevertheless provide a table of contents linking to the chapters that are there, for those who may be interested in perusing them.

The Mandaean Book of John

00. Dedication

01. Truth’s Questions

02. Truth’s Questions (continued)

03. Yoshamin

04. Yoshamin (continued)

05. Yoshamin (continued)

06. Yoshamin (continued)

07. Yoshamin (continued)

08. Yoshamin (continued)

09. Yoshamin (continued)

10. Yoshamin (concluded)

11. The Good Shepherd

12. The Good Shepherd (continued)

18. Portents of the Birth of John the Baptist

19. A Garment from the First Life

20. John Discusses Halos with the Sun

21. No One Compares to John

22. A Proclamation of War in the World

23. The Pitfall of Impure Women

24. More on the Pitfall of Impure Women

25. Sleeping in the Day of Judgment

26. Seeking a Garment of Eight

27. John’s Teaching Rocks the Temple

28. John Teaches about Punishments

29. John Teaches on the Importance of Charity

30. Jesus Comes to John to be Baptized

31. John Marries Anhar

32. John’s Parents Continued

33. John and the Angel of Death

34. Miriai’s Story

35. Miriai is a Vine

36. The Soul Fisher

37. The Soul Fisher (continued)

38. The Soul Fisher (continued)

39. The Soul Fisher (continued)

40. The Iron Shoe

41. The Iron Shoe (continued)

42. The Mysteries

43. Admonitions

44. Admonitions (continued)

45. Admonitions (continued)

46. The Three Wishes

47. Admonitions

48. A Second Prayer

49. The Plow

50. Admonitions

51. The River K’shash

52. Yorba

53. The Moon

54. Abel-Radiance Goes to Jerusalem

55. Hibil’s Lament

76. Anush-Uthra and Christ

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