America’s Choice: Table or Wall?

America’s Choice: Table or Wall? January 31, 2017

I expect you have heard the saying above before. Indeed, I suspect that I may have shared it on this blog before. But it is worth sharing again, because it sums up the choice before the United States at the moment. And it is the same choice the wealthy always face. One can horde, and try to cling to what one has accumulated. Or one can share, recognizing that it is never entirely your own efforts and merits that resulted in your having more than others – and also recognizing that, even if it were entirely a result of your own efforts and accomplishments, that still would not justify hoarding for oneself at the expense of harm to others.

I am glad that, even as the president is creating legal walls and planning literal ones, so many Americans are both literally and metaphorically adding additional places at our communal tables.

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