Poverty in the Biblical World and Today

Poverty in the Biblical World and Today January 30, 2017

Another statement from a program unit of the Society of Biblical Literature:

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It seems that studying poverty, whether in ancient times or today, makes people more sympathetic to the plight of the poor.

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  • arcseconds

    I don’t want to neg on the practice of making statements like this, I’m sure it’s to their credit and everything, but who knows about this apart from a small number of people? And if it’s only a small number of people, isn’t it a kind of an empty gesture, or at best, preaching to the choir? I’ve just got all those sarcastic jokes about the UK Parliament ‘condemning in the strongest possible terms’ all sorts of stuff: it’s easy to pass a resolution, harder to do something that’s effective in actually stopping it or even communicating the matter beyond some in-group.

    Maybe the SBL needs to descend from the Washington Monument and present the people these statements inscribed in tablets of stone, or something…

  • Brandon Roberts

    i do believe we should help the poor