Donald Trump Fulfills Prophecy

Donald Trump Fulfills Prophecy February 17, 2017

Last Sunday in my Sunday school class, I confess that I poked fun at the Left Behind series. References to the past and present in conjunction with the future in Revelation have persuaded me that it is referring in the first instance to the situation of the churches in Asia Minor to which the work was explicitly addressed and sent.

But current events might require me to rethink my view of prophecy. After all, Tim La Haye envisaged a deceitful ruler rising to power who would bridge the longstanding gulf between the United States and Russia, and would get religious people focusing their attention on himself instead of Jesus.

In case you wish to insist that that isn’t happening, I will share this tweet:

If there is something that undermines the status of Left Behind as genuine prophecy, perhaps it is the fact that it did not foresee the role of Twitter as it would be used by the antichrist and his prophet(s)?

Most readers will recognize that the above is written tongue-in-cheek. In fact, the Bible uses “antichrists” in the plural, and Revelation does not refer to the figure called the Beast as an “antichrist.”

And so the question should not be “Is Donald Trump the specific figure predicted in these specific passages?” but “Does the shoe fit, is Donald Trump the kind of figure the Bible talks about anywhere?”

When approached the latter way, the Bible turns out to be full of relevant warnings. And those warnings were the focus of a lot of attention in precisely those Christian circles in which Trump is most popular.

Focusing on antichrist and end times passages made many American Christians afraid. And that fear made them vulnerable to being deceived by the very kind of figure that they were supposedly on the lookout for, so that they could be ready and not be fooled by one who “if possible, will deceive even the elect.”

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    If he miraculously survives an assassination attempt, I might have to eat a whole lot of words I’ve ever said about dispensationalism.

    • liberalinlove

      Self fulfilling prophecies. They have believed it and voted for it and are willing to bring it to pass, because they do not believe they will be here.

    • SongBookz

      Unless the beast is a metaphor for fascism, which we thought died in 1945 and has now been resurrected.

  • charlesburchfield

    Howza about that nuclear winter hey?
    Boom goes London, boom Paree!!
    Armageddon seems all too real to me!!
    There’s lottza little Antichrists all over the planet right now with their finger too near the button!!

  • liberalinlove

    Self deception for the sake of self-righteousness. The rotten fruit is evident every where we look. May God truly have mercy on us.

  • sputacus
  • Wheezy1952

    It would be funny if it weren’t so serious, and so scary.
    The “evangelical” support of this guy is one for the record books.

  • Bill Pfeiffer


  • Michael Wilson

    I just thought the Anti Christ would have better favoribility numbers.

  • D. Devine

    I am Atheist…but let me admit…that as of late, I have believed he is some kind of anti-Christ. These are suddenly very, very dark times. He has the unintelligent and the religious ENTRANCED…when he is, in fact, neither of those things. He has become a cult leader of a rather massive cult and the rest of us, less gullible and educated, are baffled and terrified. Thus far…he’s walked through the horrors he’s caused completely unscathed. Completely.

    • If you’re baffled and terrified, you have no right to claim you are less gullible or more educated. Trump’s pretty easy to understand, and, as far as I can tell, Trumpism is far preferable to Clintonism.

      • Nick G

        as far as I can tell

        That is, an estimated 0.407 femtometers.

  • John S.

    Horse manure. People have used this biblical argument, and other prophesies about the end times for their own gain, enjoyment, or ego for ages.

  • DF

    The mechanics behind Prophecy……if you throw enough shit in a body of water…..eventually one will float to the top. The floating excrement is no more the will of god than the pile at the bottom of the pool.

  • SongBookz

    Visions such as Revelation can be taken to literally (especially as it initially pointed to Nero), there are many Antichrists. Trump is certainly AN Antichrist, but, despite his ego, isn’t important enough to be THE Antichrist.

    I believe, that God has been planning to destroy America (if he doesn’t, he owes Sodom an apology (Ez 16:49)) and, when he does, would want someone with an ego the size of Trump’s ruling her. But this takes place prior to the Great Tribulation. Albeit, there will be plenty of tribulation to go around.

  • andyopreshyn

    If there ever really is going to be an Antichrist…Trump sure fits the bill!

  • Brian

    Sick of this kinda crap. So you would rather have hillary in there picking the next couple of justice of supreme court and ushering in sharia law? Bringing in more radical muslims? You want us to end up like the eu?Why?

    • What I really would love is if the majority of voters were well-informed enough that they would not gullibly believe nonsensically implausible propaganda about any candidate…

    • StevoR

      Speaking personally (Aussie typing here) yeah I’d love it if the USA became a lot more like the better European nations and I’d very, very much prefer Hillary Clinton as POTUS – as would three million other Americans who actually voted for her over Trump.

      Why? Because I think Hillary Clinton offered stable competent leadership that would have made the USA a lot greater and happier and fairer for all its people and the world generally.

      I don’t think Hillary Clinton would impose sharia law or encourage radical Muslims and aren’t sure why you have this false impression.

      Hey, you did ask.