Which Roman Emperor is Donald Trump?

Which Roman Emperor is Donald Trump? February 6, 2017

Two online sources have suggested that Donald Trump resembled either Nero or Commodus.

Any chance that we could persuade him to take a “Which Roman Emperor Are You?” quiz and tweet the results? Surely that would settle the matter.

Then we could focus on the more serious issue: the fact that the current U. S. president resembles more than one Roman emperor closely enough that there is debate about which he resembles the most…

Trump which Roman emperor are you


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  • Gary

    “Heraclius (610-641)” Wiki

    “Heraclius’ defeat of the Persians ended a war that had been going on intermittently for almost 400 years and led to instability in the Persian Empire.”

    “Although the territorial gains produced by his defeat of the Persians were lost to the advance of the Muslims, Heraclius still ranks among the great Roman Emperors. His reforms of the government reduced the corruption which had taken hold in Phocas’ reign, and he reorganized the military with great success. Ultimately, the reformed Imperial army halted the Muslims.”

    “Heraclius soon experienced a new event, the Muslim conquests. Emerging from the Arabian Peninsula, the Muslims quickly conquered the Sassanid empire. In 634 the Muslims marched into Roman Syria.”

    “In 629, the Islamic Prophet Muhammad had recently succeeded in unifying all of the nomadic tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. Those tribes had previously been too divided to pose a serious military challenge to the Byzantines or the Persians. Now unified and animated by their new conversion to Islam, they comprised one of the most powerful states in the region.”

    • histrogeek

      Trump, Heraclius? No way. Trump might imagine that but nope. Bigly nope.

      • Gary

        Therein lies the problem. You are trying to guess at a person’s personality. I’m trying to compare existing external conditions. Although, I am rather embarrassed that I am arguing such a ridiculous subject. But it shows the divide in the country.

        But I will add one more juicy item. If Trump moves the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, I will compare that to this from Wiki:

        “Heraclius was long remembered favourably in the Western church for his reputed feat in recovering the True Cross, which had been captured by the Persians.”

        “In 629 Heraclius restored the True Cross to Jerusalem in a majestic ceremony.”

        “The True Cross was actually lost, and that the wood contained in the allegedly still sealed reliquary brought to Jerusalem by Heraclius in 629 was a fake. In his analysis, the hoax was designed to serve the political purposes of both Heraclius and his former foe.”

        (Business man makes business deal. Maybe questionable ethics, but the job gets done?)

        This perhaps will reflect the current evangelical support for Trump as follows:

        “For Christians of the Western Medieval Europe, Heraclius was the “first crusader”.”

        But I view this subject as more comical than serious.

        • Nick G

          You insult Heraclius. There is absolutely no need to guess at Trump’s personality. It has been on open display for several decades: liar, bully, bigot, egoist, sleaze, fantasist, ignoramus, conman.

  • histrogeek

    I’m going to go with Honorius. Anti-immigrant, thinking way too much of his abilities, dreaming of old glory without the wit to handle the new situation. Alternatively Valentinian III for being petty and vindictive and ignoring any sane advice.

  • Barbara