Attacking the Bible

Attacking the Bible March 11, 2017

Pete Enns attacking the Bible

I thought that the above quote from Pete Enns was worth sharing. Especially the last bit, since it really does highlight a central issue in a lot of discussions that I have, too. Sometimes people seem to completely fail to recognize that, when they talk about “what the Bible says,” what they really mean is “what I think that the Bible says, assuming that I have correctly interpreted the meaning of the relevant passages, and ignoring those other passages that might suggest matters are more complicated.”

The inability to distinguish “what I understand” and “what the Bible says” is, when you get to the heart of it, idolatry, the arrogant assumption that one’s own human understanding of what other human beings have written is in fact the inerrant Word of God.

Of related interest, see Randal Rauser’s post on the objection “That’s not Biblical.”

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