NIV Faithlife Study Bible

NIV Faithlife Study Bible May 25, 2017

I was supposed to join in a blog tour about the new NIV Faithlife Study Bible, but got overwhelmed. But I still want to make sure that I mention it, because I have to at least share what got me excited about this study Bible. As is often the case with such volumes, it was was an infographic:

Faithlife Hebrew Cosmology

I’ve blogged about artistic renditions of ancient Hebrew cosmology here on the blog before. But this seems particularly appropriate to mention on the day when Ascension Day, and the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, coincide. What better to raise the question of how our view of the cosmos today relates to that found in the Bible? And what better day to highlight a study Bible that challenges readers to think about these things?

You can see a pdf with a collection of the NIV Faithlife Study Bible‘s infographics on the publisher’s website.

The official web site link for the NIV Faithlife Study Bible is:

Here is a promotional video about this study Bible:

Michael Bird also recorded two videos about it:

An interactive sampler can be accessed here:

Have you used the NIV Faithlife Study Bible? What are your favorite study Bibles? What are your favorite inserts or infographics from them?

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