Distracted Christians Meme

Distracted Christians Meme August 31, 2017

Distracted Conservative Christians meme

Inspired by a different version created by Beau Quilter and shared on this blog here. What do you think? Does this get the point across about conservative-to-fundamentalist Christians in the United States in the present day, and their support for Donald Trump?

I enjoyed learning more about the photographer behind the photo used in this meme, Antonio Guillem, and how he views the unpaid use of his photo for this meme. That article in turn led me to discover that there is a “Meme Documentation Tumblr” which it is fantastic to know about, simply because I am often curious about the history of memes prior to my earliest encounter with them.

Have you seen other good “Distracted Boyfriend” memes, regardless of whether or not they tackle religion? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below!


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