Charles Häberl, Introduction to Mandaic, Lesson 1

Charles Häberl, Introduction to Mandaic, Lesson 1 August 31, 2017

Charles Häberl recently taught a course on Mandaic in the Ukraine, and a video recording of the first lesson is available on YouTube. It provides an excellent overview of the academic study of the Mandaeans and their literature, before moving on to introduce the Mandaic alphabet as the starting point for learning the language, which is a dialect of Aramaic. If you know Syriac or Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, presumably some of the vocabulary words introduced at the very end of the lecture will be recognizable to you, either as the same words as occur in other dialects, or as cognates thereof.


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  • Zera

    Thanks again McGrath for your excellent posts. I have recently discovered your blog and I think I left a comment on your review of one of Jorunn Buckley’s books some time ago. Anyway I’m super glad for your posts as you are really up to date in Mandean scholarship and it’s difficult finding resources. Keep it up please.

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment! Hopefully you saw that our translation of the Mandaean Book of John should be appearing in print soon!

      • Zera heir to the flower lands

        Thanks for responding! Yes, I’ve heard of the book you and Haberl worked on and I hope I’m able to read it as soon as I can when it appears in print. Sorry for being redundant but thanks again for these posts on Mandean resources.