A Complicated Pregnancy

A Complicated Pregnancy October 16, 2017

Let me share my blurb endorsing Kyle Roberts’ new book:

In A Complicated Pregnancy, Kyle Roberts offers a dramatic, sincerely honest, and deeply personal exploration of the question of Jesus’ virginal conception. While many other books wrestle with this topic primarily from another angle (that of historical uncertainty and Gospel discrepancies, which Roberts does also cover), in Roberts’ book a profoundly theological approach dominates, as he surveys a wide array of famous and neglected early Christian authors. He also invites readers to take a long hard look at our aversion to blood and semen, to sex, spit, and excrement, and the way this has motivated us to disconnect Jesus from such mundane yet essential human elements – with troubling results for our view of Jesus’ own humanity, and thus also his connection to us. The book’s wrestling with history, science, and the various facts of life are offered not in order to tear down cherished beliefs with no good reason, but precisely in order to counter the devaluation of human existence in general, and of women, reproduction, and the humanity of Jesus in particular, so as to make the case that in Jesus, we encounter God precisely in a human being who was not immune or exempt from those characteristic experiences that make us human.

See more endorsements for the book on Kyle’s blog.


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