“A Complicated Pregnancy” Now Available for Pre-Order

“A Complicated Pregnancy” Now Available for Pre-Order August 10, 2017

I’m happy to announce that a book I’ve been working on for the past two years or so is now available for pre-order. The official publication date is set for December 1, but I’m told it may be available before then.

The process of researching and writing this book was a kind of milestone in my own theological development–this book unfolds that journey through stages–both theological/biblical and personal.

I’m excited to share that journey with you.



The publisher’s description:

The virgin birth is a much-loved story in the Christian tradition. It is the standard “origin story” of Jesus, marking the incarnation of the Son of God. Today, however, many theologians dispute the tradition of the virginal conception on both historical and scientific grounds.

As a progressive Protestant theologian–and a husband and a father–Kyle Roberts was growing unsure of his belief in Mary’s virginity. It contradicted modern science, and it seemed to undermine her feminine power. So he set out to investigate the virgin birth from every angle: the Bible, history, science, and philosophy.

A Complicated Pregnancy records his journey through the evidence and the myth. Did the Holy Spirit form Jesus as a zygote in Mary’s womb? If so, where did Jesus get his male genome? Was Jesus’s birth really bloodless, as the early church believed, and is Mary a “perpetual virgin”?

Roberts’s quest is a fascinating journey through history, biblical interpretation, and church politics. His conclusion surprised him, and it will surprise you, too.

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