Gnostic America Conference

Gnostic America Conference March 15, 2018

April DeConick shared this information about a conference that is coming up very soon – in less than two weeks, in fact!

Gnostic America Conference

I am pleased to announce the Gnostic America Conference.  We will convene at Rice University on March 28-31.  The conference is free and open to the public.  We are exploring the afterlives of Gnosticism in America.

In addition to cutting-edge paper presentations by 20 international scholars and graduate students, we have some spectacular special events in the evenings.  Check the poster for times and locations.

On Wednesday evening, Catherine Albanese will deliver the Keynote Address on the Gospel of Thomas and the Macrobiotics of Michio Kushi.

On Thursday evening, the soprano soloist Sonja Bruzauskas and percussionist Craig Hauschildt will be performing GNOSIS IN SONG AND RHYTHM, based on Gnostic liturgies that I translated from the Nag Hammadi literature.

On Friday evening, we will be screening the Director’s cut of Dark City, followed by a panel discussion of the film.

See also Simon Joseph’s blog post about the conference, mentioning his paper, “American Gnosis: Jesus Mysticism in A Course in Miracles,” as well as the plans to publish the proceedings in a future issue of Gnosis.

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