More about ΘeoCon

More about ΘeoCon May 16, 2018

I’ve received some additional information about the ΘeoCon event that will be held in September, which I blogged about yesterday, and want to share it, since the more I find out, the more it seems like an event that will be worth attending! I am good friends with a couple of faculty members at Virginia Theological Seminary, as well as with one of the keynote speakers who is lined up: Chuck Robertson, the canon to the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church USA, fellow Durham University grad and comic book geek, who edited a couple of books that I contributed to, including Religion as Entertainment, which really marked my first foray into academic writing about the intersection of religion and science fiction.

Here is what I received about the convention:

It is here! “ΘeoCon: Where Theology Meets Pop Culture” will take place on September 29, 2018 9am-5pm, at Virginia Theological Seminary-Addison Hall, 3737 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, VA, 22304.


ΘeoCon, pronounced (thee-oh-con), is a one-day comic-con-style convention in which participants will be introduced and invited to explore themes of theology, religion, and morality in pop culture. Pop culture mediums include, but are not limited to: comic books, gaming, science-fiction, and film. Methods of exploration include: guest speakers, panel discussions, exhibits, reflection spaces, and cosplay.

Who’s Coming

All are invited. The event is family-friendly, ecumenical, interfaith, inclusive, open and affirming, and for those who do not find religious institutions as inviting.


ΘeoCon offers opportunities to our youth, nerds, geeks, theologians, enthusiasts and community at large to convene panels and workshops. Use this link

Sponsors, Vendors, and Ads

ΘeoCon offers sponsorship, vendor tables, and advertising opportunities, click here


Registration is required for the event. Click here

ΘeoCon: Where Theology Meets Pop Culture – 

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Please share and invite others! May the force be with you!

ΘeoCon Team


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  • John MacDonald

    I sometimes have experiences that feel like, phenomenologically, there is something like The Force presenting me with “emphases” and “coincidences” that go beyond a simple naturalistic encounter with life.

  • John MacDonald

    I like the name “TheoCon.” If someone made a movie about the disciples stealing the body of Jesus and inventing the resurrection appearance claims ( a very old accusation, dealt with apologetically in Matthew 28:13), you could call it “Theo-Con,” lol.

  • Speaking of popular culture. Hope someone at the convention covers the way Evangelicals keep fawning over Trump like he was Constantine reborn, or a new Moses about to lead them to Christian domination land. How they view global warming as either a secular humanist hoax, or as a sign that Jesus will be returning soon. How they view the moving of an embassy to Jerusalem as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And how they might even want Trump to light some thermonuclear candles to herald Jesus’ soon return.

    • Gary

      CNN and MSNBC already does an adequate job covering those subjects.