Excavating Armageddon

Excavating Armageddon August 30, 2018

Look who’s going to be coming to Butler University! I’m delighted to have the opportunity to welcome Eric Cline here and have him speak to my students, and I’m incredibly grateful to my Butler University Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics colleague Lynne Kvapil for her efforts that brought this about. If you’re within driving distance, please do mark your calendars and come join us on September 24th!

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  • John MacDonald

    What would scare me would be world leaders who may think we are living in the End Times and that they are one of the crucial players, and so act to make a self fulfilling prophesy about Armageddon.

    • The Mouse Avenger

      Indeed. (nods head in agreement) And, besides, only God Himself knows exactly when Armageddon will actually happen!

  • Tom

    Provided Armageddon doesn’t happen before the 24th, and for those of us who are not within driving distance, is there any chance of watching on-line?

    • I don’t honestly know if there are plans to record the lecture, but if I find out that it has been and is available, I can guarantee that I will share that information here on the blog!