Introducing the Religion Prof Podcast!

Introducing the Religion Prof Podcast! August 29, 2018

I’ve long wanted to become a more regular consumer of podcasts. But more than that, I’ve wanted to start making my own podcasts. Every time I’ve done a guest appearance on one, I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I also enjoy listening to those that others have created. And so I finally took the plunge now that Butler University has its very own sound booth optimized for this purpose! I am honored to have been given the chance to try it out ahead of its general launch, and to have had the privilege of interviewing the director of our Center for Academic Technology, Tom Janke, on this podcast with a very meta theme: podcasting!

I am going to try out a few different options for distributing the podcast content. Anchor seems like a particularly good free service for podcast hosting:

But since I already have a SoundCloud account, I’m going to try sharing it there as well:

Please do let me know if you have a strong preference for one or the other platforms. I think that Anchor disseminates the podcast to the Apple podcast app and other such services. And I’m going to find out very soon whether the SoundCloud limit on space is a monthly one or total – if the latter, then I’ll either be out of space very soon, or will need to be convinced that their paid service is worthwhile for my needs and purposes. And so once again, your input is going to be crucial in that regard.

I am also open to sharing the podcast through other means. The university repository here at Butler might work. But there’s also YouTube as an option. The latter, however, really doesn’t seem a good fit for those who want to listen on their phone on the go.

In other words, please listen to the podcast, forgive my initial hesitation and nervousness right at the beginning (this was entirely unscripted and done in a single take), and assuming you want me to continue podcasting, please let me know where and how you’re most interested in being given access to future episodes. Thanks in advance for your input!

Of related interest, the Patrologist has also entered into podcasting:

Trying new things: podcasts and youtube

See also the brief and memorable thoughts about technological change from Neil Postman.


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  • geeknews

    Be incredibly careful and read the terms of service at Anchor. Remember when its free your paying for something and in this case there terms of service in my opinion are not creator friendly at all.

    • Thanks – anything in particular that troubles you? I may well have overlooked something in my read through it, and would be grateful for your pointing it out!

  • John MacDonald

    James said: “forgive my initial hesitation and nervousness”

    – No need to feel uncomfortable! You are a total baller in the “Critical Christianity” space. With the best progressive Christian blog on the web, and being a full professor of religion at an accredited secular university, if anyone has the credentials to host a religion podcast it’s you.