Theology and Black Mirror

Theology and Black Mirror May 26, 2022

Nicely converging with the announcement that there will be another season of Black Mirror, a book that I contributed to has been released: Theology and Black Mirror. I and several other contributors recorded an episode of the Two Cities podcast in which we talk about the book and the show more generally. Here is the information about the episode:

NEW EPISODE of The Two Cities podcast! We’re once more talking about the new book, Theology and Black Mirror (published by Lexington and Fortress Press, imprints of Rowman & Littlefield), edited by team members from The Two Cities podcast, Dr. Amber Bowen and Dr. John Anthony Dunne. Joining us for this conversation are four additional contributors to the volume, who each discuss what they would like to see from a new season of Black Mirror (in light of the recent announcement of a forthcoming sixth season on Netflix) as well as the ideas addressed in their respective essays. Our guests are Dr. Jeremiah Bailey, who is an adjunct professor at Baylor University, Elizabeth Culhane, who is a PhD candidate in philosophy and religion at the The University of Queensland (Australia) and is a tutor at Ridley Melbourne (Australia), Professor James McGrath, who is the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University, and Dr. Nathaniel Warne, who is priest-in-charge at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mishawaka, Indiana. Team members on the episode from The Two Cities include: Dr. Amber Bowen, Dr. John Anthony Dunne, Brandon Hurlbert, and Dr. Kris Song.

Check out the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

The book is presently available for purchase in hardcopy and as an e-book wherever you get your books (with plans to make a paperback at some point). For those interested in purchasing the book, there is a discount code for the publisher’s website ( for 30% off (use code the discount code is LXFANDF30 at checkout).

The essays from Amber and John’s new book, Theology and Black Mirror, discussed in this episode include the following:

Chapter 10, “Re-Dos and Re-Visions: Replay and the Search for Meaning in the Shepherd of Hermas and The Entire of History of You” (by Jeremiah Bailey)

Chapter 12, “Alternate Eyes: Perspective Shifting in the Samson Narrative and Black Mirror” (by Brandon Hurlbert)

Chapter 13, “‘Not Some Crazy Spiritual Thing’: Rewards, Punishment, and Afterlife in Black Mirror” (by James F. McGrath)

Chapter 15, “Reflecting the Infinite or the Finite? The Mirror Motif in Gregory of Nyssa and Black Mirror” (by Elizabeth Culhane)

Chapter 16, “Memoria and The Entire History of You” (by Nathaniel A. Warne)

Chapter 18, “Where are You? San Junipero and the Technology of Shared Space” (by Kris Song)

Chapter 19, “Uploaded to the Cloud: Transhumanism and Digital Hope in Black Mirror” (by John Anthony Dunne)

Here is the episode immediately prior to the one that I am in featuring other contributors to the volume and part one of the Two Cities discussion of Theology and Black Mirror.

You can purchase the book via Amazon or many other places, but since it is a fairly expensive academic book, why not recommend it to your local library?


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