Extended Call for Chapter Proposals: Theology, Religion, and Margaret Atwood #CFP

Extended Call for Chapter Proposals: Theology, Religion, and Margaret Atwood #CFP May 24, 2022

The Popular Culture and Theology blog just announced an extension to this call for papers:

We are once again extending the call for papers for the Theology, Religion, and Margaret Atwood volume.

The editors are interested in theological and religious analyses of Atwood’s works, which includes her famous A Handmaid’s Tale, but also includes her other short stories, essays, and poetry.

Of particular interest would be a critical essay dealing with some of Atwood’s recent TERF comments.

Other potential topics include the following:

~~ meaning and order in the universe

~~ what does it mean to be human and what characterizes human nature

~~ the matter of evil (dystopian theodicy)

~~ free will/ fate/ destiny

~~ anthropocentricism and the animal kingdom

~~ eco-spirituality

~~ gender and matters of identity (and meaning)

~~ death and rebirth

~~ the mortal and the divine

~~ theologies of time, space/place, prophecy

This call encourages submissions from a range of theoretical models and modalities and will welcome inquiries from newly-minted and independent scholars as well as faculty researchers. Particular attention will be accorded to those proposals that focus on Atwood writings other than The Handmaid’s Tale although abstracts about the novel and TV show will of course be considered. A current CV must accompany an abstract of no less than 300 words and all documentation should be sent as a pdf file or Word doc to greeleyj@sacredheart.edu by June 30, 2022.

Also on the subject of Margaret Atwood, James Smoker blogged about June’s audacious prayer in The Handmaid’s Tale. Here’s a taste:

The Handmaid’s Tale is indeed a critique of a kind of political Christianity that seeks to enforce its morality by fear, surveillance, and dehumanization of those outside of it—the sort of religiosity that would silence any idea that is subversive, critical, ‘detrimental’. But it is not a critique of Christianity per se.

The Audacious Prayer of The Handmaid’s Tale

Theology, Religion, and Margaret Atwood: Contributors Needed!


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