The Only Thing Flat-Earthers Have to Fear

The Only Thing Flat-Earthers Have to Fear August 28, 2018

My friend and colleague Ankur Gupta made the punny comment that “The only thing a flat-Earther has to fear is sphere itself.” I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a meme and share it. The logo is one that appears on a t-shirt that I saw at Gen Con, which you can also buy online from Amazon.


Of related interest, several news outlets have commented on the way that Mike Pence has been injecting religious rhetoric into his speeches about the proposed Space Force. See the article “Mike Pence’s Outer Space Gospel” in The Atlantic, “The Religion in Space Force” from Religion News Service, and the response to the latter on the blog Atheist Revolution.

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  • John MacDonald

    Flat-Earthers are boring. I wouldn’t hang out with Flat-Earthers because they’re not into having a ball.

    • Drow

      That conspiracy theory is, like, their one obsession, too. I prefer to hang around people with more well-rounded tastes.

      • John MacDonald

        ha ha!

  • Thanks for the mention!