ReligionProf Podcast Episode 2 Featuring Ankur Gupta

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 2 Featuring Ankur Gupta September 5, 2018

In the second episode of the new ReligionProf Podcast, I sit down with my friend and colleague Ankur Gupta to talk about our Artificial Wisdom project. This ends up being a two-parter, since there is so much that is worth talking about at the intersection of computer science, ethics, religion, and science fiction. We are both clearly really excited about the work we’ve been doing so far and where this is headed!

I have been collecting links related to this area, the points at which artificial intelligence intersects with or will soon intersect with everyday life, human social interactions, and society in ways that will activate, challenge, and test our values. Here are a few of them:

Escaping Westworld
Google “Talk to Books” uses natural language algorithms to answer theological questions
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Teaching
7 Reasons to Use a Digital Assistant (like Alexa) in the Classroom
The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet
The real danger of deepfake videos is that we may question everything

Of related interest, my friend Nijay Gupta (no relation to Ankur that I am aware of) shared a list of his favorite theology podcasts.

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