ReligionProf Podcast Episode 6 with Becky Archibald

ReligionProf Podcast Episode 6 with Becky Archibald October 3, 2018

I am delighted to have Becky Archibald as a guest on my podcast this week. Becky is a well-known pianist and composer, whose music I was familiar with even before I had the privilege of meeting her in the context of the “Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts” program run by Rabbi Sandi Sasso. This program brings artists together to learn and talk about biblical texts and explore the use of them as a springboard to their own creative activity. You can learn more about the program online (and, if you’re an artist, apply to participate in a future iteration of it).

You can learn more about Becky Archibald and her music through her web page. There you’ll find (among other things) notes that accompany the music she composed while participating in the Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts program, “Hums with Mother Earth.”

As she mentions in the podcast, Becky also has a blog, “Start With a Blank Page.” Two posts she mentions in the podcast are “What Inspires Me” and “What Also Inspires Me.”

If you’re not yet familiar with her music, I encourage you to start with some of the samples freely available online in places like YouTube. Here’s “Tango for Disobedient Beasts”:

Here’s the choral work “Light Comes, Even in Darkness”:

Here’s the Cultural Trail Theme, also mentioned in the podcast:

Then, when you realize you simply must listen to more, you’ll find direct links to a number of her albums for purchase below – assuming you still acquire music in such physically-mediated formats as CDs, that is. Either way, though, we hope you’ll listen to our conversation, which explores (among many other things) the subject of changing media and how our modern consumption practices impact musicians, authors, and other artists.

Here are Becky’s albums as clickable links:

And finally, here’s the Monteton 2018 film:

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