The Material of Christian Apocrypha Conference

The Material of Christian Apocrypha Conference October 6, 2018

Via Tony Burke’s NASSCAL blog, I learned of the Material of Christian Apocrypha conference and its website. Here are some of the details about this upcoming conference:

Hosted by the University of Virginia’s Department of Religious Studies and McIntire Department of Art, under the auspices of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature, this conference assembles a group of participants who will address two interrelated yet distinct topics: 1) the physicality of our apocryphal texts (i.e. various aspects of the manuscripts or papyri themselves), and 2) the representation of apocryphal narratives in other forms of material culture (e.g. frescos, mosaics, sculptures, icons, pilgrimage objects, reliquaries, etc.). By drawing our collective attention to the material aspects of the literary and the literary aspects of the material, we hope to spark a fruitful and enduring exchange between scholars and students rooted in both areas.

Click through for more information.

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  • John MacDonald

    Star Wars is kind of like modern day Apocrypha where Anakin, who, like Jesus, is of miraculous conception, is turned by Satan (Palpatine), and the dystopian consequences of such a turning. The lesson: Imagine what a society we would live in if Jesus had championed the values of deceit and power (cf. the Drow elves).