Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Cultures #CFP

Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Cultures #CFP February 11, 2019

This call for papers came to my attention via an email list that I subscribe to, and since it explores the intersection between two areas of interest of mine – ancient literature and contemporary fandom – I wanted to be sure to spread the word to others who share similar interests to my own. Here’s the call for papers, with a link to the website for more information or to submit.

At the EABS Annual Meeting in Warsaw, 11-14 August 2019, the EABS Research Group “Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Cultures” will host an open session on practices, rules, and conventions of the production of derivative works. 2019 marks the fifth and final year of our research group. It would be nice to see many of you at this last session in Warsaw. Please submit your proposal for another inspiring Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Culture session, and help us by forwarding this CFP to your colleagues.

Call for Papers 2019: Fan Fiction and Ancient Scribal Cultures – Practices, Rules, and Conventions

At the 2019 conference in Warsaw, we will focus on practices, rules, and conventions. We invite papers that investigate scribal and argumentative techniques and rules of interpretation, and by extension, how the status of canonical material is negotiated in commentary or fan fiction culture. We welcome papers that deal with questions such as: What conventions govern the use and reuse of motifs, characters, genres and so on in the process of rewriting? And seeing as the rewriting and reception of texts is also a question of power dynamics, who has the “right” to establish and maintain these conventions? How do explicit rules of interpretation as, e.g., formulated in rabbinic literature, compare and contrast with unwritten rules among fans? Papers may investigate the processes of reception and rewriting in an ancient context or focus on modern case studies. We would like presenters to focus on concrete text examples and case studies. We encourage participants to make their contributions in an interdisciplinary environment and to engage with canonical and fan material from a variety of cultures.

Deadline for submission of proposals: February 28, 2019.

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