ReligionProf Podcast with Robert Geraci

ReligionProf Podcast with Robert Geraci April 10, 2019

This week on the ReligionProf podcast I was delighted to have Robert Geraci appear as a guest, speaking from where he currently is in Bangalore, about the research projects that led to him being there. Robert and I share longstanding interests in the intersection of religion, science fiction, and/or technology. When it comes to the latter, AI has been a particular focus for us both. Below you’ll find a range of links to interesting content that explores these themes, as well as the opportunity to see a movie referred to in the podcast.

Matthew Lynch wrote recently:

Will tech make the world less equitable? There is a narrative going around that champions tech as the great equalizer, capable of canceling out social inequities with alacrity. But, therein lies the problem, as tech is not creating more opportunities for upward social mobility, it’s generating fewer opportunities. Companies are increasingly using tech to complete tasks that humans used to be assigned. Artificial intelligence is slowly but surely becoming more intuitive, mimicking the thought process and language skills of a human being.

Although we haven’t faced the brunt of it yet, it’s coming, and it will hit the global economy like a tsunami, washing away millions of jobs in a decade. This will create a deeper divide between the haves and the have not, with people of status and privilege maintaining their wealth and the rest of us having to figure it out for ourselves. Although this is my doomsday scenario, we should prepare our students for all eventualities. Sometimes tech is an equalizer, but it is also sometimes the wedge.

An article reported on a robot that delivers Buddhist teachings. Another mentioned a Buddhist temple featuring an android deity, about which NPR more recently had an update.

David Brin blogged about a number of topics related to AI. Christian Century explored the boundary between science and theology. Episcopal Cafe had a piece about bishops in the digital age.

In God and AI We Trust

AI in the Year of Blade Runner

A piece on ancient artificial intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order

How Chinese Novelists are Reimagining Science Fiction

A step closer to self-aware machines—engineers create a robot that can imagine itself

Scientific research on consciousness

Christian wisdom in the biotech age.

New Scientist on fears of SuperAI.

Globethics had an article on utopian and apocalyptic views of AI and how they relate to the ethical challenges presented by artificial intelligence.

AI: Better Language Models and Their Implications

How Tech Utopia Fostered Tyranny

Daniel Dennett: “Will AI Achieve Consciousness? Wrong Question”

Peter Harrison on the narrative of conflict between science and religion.

What AI Fails to Understand – For Now

Limits of Facial Recognition Technology

Biologos announced a new center for bioethics and human dignity. Christianity Today explored anti-aging tech and abundant life.

It turns out, you can watch the movie Anukul that Robert mentions in the podcast on YouTube!

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