Cercetări în Istoria Propagandei Comuniste despre Iisus

Cercetări în Istoria Propagandei Comuniste despre Iisus May 9, 2019

Sper ca majoritatea cititorilor blogului meu (care nu stiu limba romana) sa-mi ierte acest interludiu romanesc. Acest mesaj este pentru voi care intelegeti romaneste si va rog pentru ajutorul vostru. Incep cu povestirea unei intamplari. In perioada in care am locuit in Romania, am vizitat anticariatele de cate ori am avut ocazia. O data (cred ca la Sibiu) am intrat intr-un anticariat care avea ceva carti despre religie de pe vremea perioadeicomuniste. Mi s-au parut interesante dar ciudate, prezentandu-l pe Isus ca pe o persoana pur mitologica cu trasaturi si caracteristice preluate de la persoane si zei mitologice anterioare. Atunci nu am prevazut nici o ocazie in care as avea nevoie de propaganda comunista de genul acesta si astfel am lasat cartile respective pe raft si nu le-am cumparat.


Acum, imi pare rau pentru acea decizie.


De atunci, intre vorbitorii de limba engleza, ideea aceasta din propaganda comunista a devenit foarte populara in comunitatile ateilor de pe internet. Ar fi cazul ca sa scrie cineva (fie eu, fie altii) o istorie a acestei idei care include legatura cu cruciada impotriva crestinismului din perioada razboiului rece.

Eu as incepe acest proiect, insa am intimpinat o problema. Nu am acces la cartile necesare, din cauza greselii facute cu multi ani inainte intr-un anticariat in Romania.

Nu am scris acest post de blog doar ca sa va sfatuiesc sa nu faceti aceeasi greseala. Sper ca cineva dintre rudele si prietenii mei din Romania, sau dintre prietenii si cunostiintele voastre, sa aiba ceva carti de genul acesta, sau sa ma indrumati unde le-as putea gasi, fie intr-o biblioteca, fie intr-un anticariat, fie intr-o colectie personala. Mi-ar fi suficient doarsa fotografiati paginile relevante despre Isus si sa mi-le trimeteti in forma de pdf, jpeg, sau ceva asemanator. Ar fi bine daca se poate sa includeti si informatiile necesare bibliografice impreuna cu pozele paginilor, ca sa stiu de unde provin. Altfel nu voi putea cita aceste surse daca voi scrie ceva pe aceasta tema.

Exista si articole relevante, care s-au publicat in jurnale academice ca de exemplu Revista de Filozofie. Sper sa pot face rost de articolele respective – data voi putea gasi macar continutul undeva. Cateva rezultate potential interesante apar daca caut in Google Books, insa doar in “snippet view” care nu-mi da nici numele autorului nici titlul articoluli. Sper ca acestea sa le gasesc intr-o biblioteca undeva in Romania, daca nu fac rost de ele cumva aici in SUA. Carti relevante, insa, prezinta alte probleme, pentru ca nu tin minte detaliile cartii pe care am gasit-o atunci si de asemenea nu gasesc rezultate in carti in Google Books cand introduc aceleasi cuvinte (desi “books” este chiar in titlul site-ului!).

Daca cineva are vreun sfat – un autor, un titlu, o biblioteca unde credeti ca merita sa caut, va fi un mare ajutor.

Va multumesc anticipat pentru ajutorul vostru!


(We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…)


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  • John MacDonald

    Perhaps it would have been helpful to post this in Romanian and English, as, for example, some of your monolingual, native English readers could read the post and send an inquiring email to a Romanian friend or relative?

    • I was afraid if I did so it might fail to connect as effectively with the Romanian speakers I hoped would notice it!

    • Nick G

      Google Translate makes a pretty good job of it (I assume – I can’t read Romanian but the English is almost entirely coherent). Needs to be divided into two chunks because there’s a length limit.

      Before retirement I worked on European research projects with colleagues from most of the old “People’s Democracies”. They were all glad that the era of “socialism” (as they would say, I’d say “Leninism”) had ended, but none looked back on it with a fraction of the mingled horror and incredulity (as one does in the morning on a nightmare) that my Romanian colleague did. Ceausescu wasn’t the bloodiest of 20th century tyrants, but he was perhaps the most bizarrely Kafkaesque. And “the west” scarcely criticised him until the very eve of his fall, because he had moved Romania away from subordination to the Soviet Union.

  • Stephen Goranson

    At WorldCat if you enter in subject “Jesus Christ historicity” and in language “Romanian” two titles appear. (Older books may not have followed these subject headings, though.)

    • Thanks – I’m not sure there was a whole book dedicated to Jesus’ historicity from that era, just parts of books and also articles that mentioned this topic.

      Of related interest, there was a book Jesus the Charlatan that was written by a Romanian who later converted to Christianity and became a Baptist pastor!

  • Stephen Goranson


    Originile crestinismului, o cercetare istorica. Traducere de Tatiana si Radu Grigorovici.

    Karl Kautsky; Radu Grigorovici; Tatiana Grigorovici


    Romanian Book Book In-8°, 487 p. [Don 338534] -IIb-IIe-VIIf-

    (Bucuresti) : Editura Partidului social-democrat,

    • Thank you! I am going to see if I can get hold of this, either through libraries here in the US, or on my next visit to Romania!

      • It looks like the only library that has a copy (according to WorldCat) is in Timisoara. I may just hit “Interlibrary Loan Request” and see what happens. I expect they will say no, but that would be simpler than making a special trip to that city to view the book. Then again, if I do end up researching this as a major project, it will justify some time spent in Romania!

  • This was also drawn to my attention – in English! https://books.openedition.org/ceup/938?lang=en#ftn51