ReligionProf Podcast with Brian Wesolowski, Part 1

ReligionProf Podcast with Brian Wesolowski, Part 1 May 8, 2019

As promised, here in this week’s ReligionProf Podcast is the conversation (actually, for today, just the first half of the conversation) between me and Brian Wesolowski about technology as mediator of grace. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, and as always, I found it not only an opportunity to express thoughts I already had, but an opportunity to clarify my thoughts and think creatively as I was prompted and provoked to by questions and thoughts that Brian shared. We recorded this conversation primarily so that he could use snippets of it in a project that he is working on as part of his “Gracefully Tech” endeavor. But we thought that it might also be useful to share the complete recording of the conversation between the two of us.

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In New Scientist, articles about AI: AI diagnoses outpacing those of human doctors, performing surgery, being tricked to drive on the wrong side of the road, making high-speed turns without crashing, taking English exams, monitoring human living conditions for inequities, and turning thoughts into audible speech. They also had an article about the future of crime in an increasingly networked world.

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