AI and Other Tech News and #CFP

AI and Other Tech News and #CFP June 23, 2019

Due to my current research interests, I am keeping an even closer eye on news about the intersection of technology and ethics than I normally would. Here is a round up of some things that I thought were interesting. If you’re an academic, don’t miss the calls for papers at the end!

Robots arrive on campus

Church of England updates prayer book to include prayers about the internet

Why a climate activist is concerned about AI and other technology

BBC article on why humans will always be needed in the workplace, no matter what technologies we may develop and how much we may automate

Immersive technology in the classroom

Smartphones and contemplative pedagogy in the religious studies classroom

‘There’s Just No Doubt That It Will Change the World’: David Chalmers on V.R. and A.I.

Will artificial intelligence improve or harm the world? Q&A With Ali Minai

Emotion AI, explained

Being human in STEM

The need for communication between higher ed and tech leaders

What if Elite Universities Used Artificial Intelligence to Make Admissions Decisions?

Fact Checking? Not Any More

Building a Silicon Brain

Infinite horizons

Analytics-enabled, individualized attention will not just treat disease, but increasingly, prevent it

Targeted by Technology

Paul Levinson blogged about David Walton’s take on Asimov’s three laws. The New York Times had an article about AI and surveillance:

One Caveat about AI and Fact-Checking

Should you add a microchip to your brain?

Professor develops app that tracks attendance using geotagging

The Digital Wisdom blog on technology and faith

The Real Truth about Computer-Based Feedback

Using Artificial Intelligence to Close the Achievement Gap

Using Machine Learning to Predict Student Outcomes

Making Blended Learning Work in Your Classroom

The environmental impact of AI and a car compared

Everyone can play around with sophisticated AIs now

The Christian Century on the ethics of our “adolescent technologies”

How would the American church handle an EMP?

AI making Monopoly fairer

Will AI Take Over Educational Leadership?

You Need Digital Video to Explain Abstract Concepts

This Famous Aging Researcher Doesn’t Want Us to Live Forever

Technology and sleep-deprivation

It’s in our nature to be addicted to things that distract us

Drownings of children have been directly linked to parents being distracted by their phones

Meditation apps and improvements to memory and attention

Police use of facial recognition technology has been in the news a lot lately

Research on consciousness

Finally, relevant conferences and calls for papers:


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