Sci-Fi, Superhero, Game, and Cinematic #CFP Round-Up

Sci-Fi, Superhero, Game, and Cinematic #CFP Round-Up June 22, 2019

So many calls for papers came to my attention, that I thought it better to gather them in a blog post than to circulate them separately on social media. But first, a few links that are also germane to this topic. Let me start with one about Octavia Butler, since today would have been her 72nd birthday:

The Grand Cultural Influence of Octavia Butler

Now here are some more links to articles related to the topics of the numerous calls for papers that you’ll find still further below in this blog post.

Science Fiction and the Para-Religious

Gaming documentaries

Local NZ Comic Retailers

Faith, Hope, and Love in Daredevil: Born Again

What science fiction will next be science fact?

If gathering together as many calls for papers as I have included below is not in fact useful to anyone, please do let me know, and I will either simply share them via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, or in separate blog posts, from now on. There’s no point in sharing these in this way if it doesn’t achieve my purpose in doing so, which is to help fellow academics find out about conferences and edited volumes that they might like to contribute to!

Now (finally, I hear you say) for those calls for papers. Given that I started with Octavia Butler and a collection of tributes to her, let me start the collection of calls for papers by linking to one about Afrofuturism. The others are:

Call for Papers: Jinn and Comics

Also of possible interest:

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