Wrestling with a Demon

Wrestling with a Demon August 23, 2019

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. A number of jokes come to mind. It isn’t every day, even for a religion professor, when a colleague comes up to you saying that they need help finding a demon!

Now, to be clear, this individual is interested in finding out about a name for and ancient ideas about a demon, rather than conjuring the demon up. At least, that is what they have said to me. What one does with information provided is out of my control, right?

Anyway, as was hinted at subtly in the title of this post, my colleague has asked me whether I or any of my contacts can help with identifying a demon who has interest in pugilism (boxing or wrestling).

I can’t. This is absolutely outside of my area of expertise. Boxing and wrestling are, I might add, even further beyond my areas of interest (both when it comes to research and personally) than demons are.

But I am sure that there are people I know who can help. Can you? Is there a demon of this sort in any lore that you’re familiar with, and if so, what was its name?

Of related interest:

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And more frivolously/satirically:

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If you read this far, let me renew the appeal for help finding a demon (not just any demon, but the specific sort my colleague is looking for), in case in clicking on the humorous links to The Onion and McSweeneys you forgot about where this all started. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide any useful leads, never mind a name. And again, being able to provide a ritual incantation that will summon the demon in question is not what my colleague is after.

I think…


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