Good Omens Season 2

Good Omens Season 2 August 11, 2023

An article on IO9 used the same word I used for the ending of Good Omens Season 2, and since I don’t think that an emotion I felt as a viewer constitutes a spoiler since no plot points are revealed. As Linda Codega wrote, “the ending of season two is heart-wrenching.” The story on the way there is beautiful in so many ways. The show manages to poke fun at religion at its worst while problematizing the notion of genuinely personal beings that are angels and demons yet which can be pigeonholed as good or evil any more than human beings can. Some of us are terrible, and as this season of Good Omens explores towards the end, even in the act of trying to be good an idealistic, we can be bad in so many ways that are, well, heart-wrenching.

The Book of Job is old enough to not need spoilers, but season 2 of Good Omens intersects with that story and the characters from it in ways that play with and subversively diverge from the story as written, in ways that are theologically meaningful and insightful. It tackles a topic that is also the focus of a SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) comic, namely the fact that children are, in the eyes of parents and human beings in general, irreplaceable, yet the Book of Job seems at first glance to offer a fresh batch of children to make up to Job for the loss of the ones he had at the start of the story. I won’t reveal how Good Omens has fun with that story, but I will direct you to to something I wrote about the subject previously. Let me also link to a post I wrote about the suffering of Mrs. Job.

One thing I can reveal that will be of interest to those who’ve seen the episode about Job and his family, and which isn’t a spoiler but a behind the scenes detail, is that David Tennant’s son plays one of Job’s sons in that episode!

Have you seen Good Omens season 2? I liked it even more than season 1. What did you think of it?

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