Theology and Progressive Rock Brown Bag Recording

Theology and Progressive Rock Brown Bag Recording January 31, 2020

Here are recordings of the Brown Bag talk that my colleague Frank Felice and I recently gave at Butler University on the subject of a book that we’re writing together, Theology and Progressive Rock. I’ve shared both a video and a Powerpoint version, since I wasn’t sure which was likely to be preferable.

If you enjoy them, let me know, and please share one or both and/or this blog post. And please do let me know what you found particularly interesting, and what favorite bands or songs you hope will be included in the book, and why!

There’s a lot more I could say about many aspects of the project of which this lunchtime talk gives only a glimpse. But here are some things that are particularly conducive to a blog post, since they involve an interview Phil Collins gave on the subject of televangelists in the United States.

The interview above with Phil Collins really provides insight into the song “Jesus He Knows Me.” His British perspective on American televangelists should be widely viewed. Those who are from urban centers outside the Bible belt may want to disparage him for thinking that all Americans are enthralled with such figures. Those from the Bible belt may expect God to smite him for mocking his anointed. I think he’s flipped through channels in the U.S., but the thing that I’m not sure about is whether the abundance of fundamentalist Christian television channels indicates anything about how many people watch them. Here’s another video that helps fill in the impression American fundamentalist Christian culture has made on Collins:

As I mentioned in the talk, I recall a lot of people being surprised by the song “Jesus He Knows Me.” But there’s a much longer history of Genesis writing about false prophets and false messiahs, as I talk about in the video of the Brown Bag. See here for more on the album Wind and Wuthering, as well as this interview with Steve Hackett. See below for my discussion of a little bit of the song Supper’s Ready from the album Foxtrot.

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