New Open Access Journal: Journal of Religious Competition in Antiquity

New Open Access Journal: Journal of Religious Competition in Antiquity February 9, 2020

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New Open Access Journal: Journal of Religious Competition in Antiquity

Journal of Religious Competition in Antiquity

The Journal of Religious Competition explores interactions between diverse social groups of the Mediterranean basin in antiquity through the development of broadly comparative methodologies that delineate the ways in which this competitive interaction reshaped religious phenomena. The overall goal is to analyze dialogues between individuals or groups that illuminate the mutual competition and influence that was extant among them. In doing so, one can trace the development and influence of new religious perspectives and cultural identities in a crowded and contested socio-political landscape. The exploration of diverse themes, including physical matter and the body, education, rank and status, mythology, and iconography, through the lens of competition reveals enlightening dialogues and mutual influ¬ence among these groups that had a lasting impact well beyond antiquity. These religious and philosophical dialogues are not only of great interest and import in their own right, but they also can help us to understand how later cultural and religious developments unfolded.

This journal developed from the Religious Competition in Antiquity Group of the National Society of Biblical Literature. Scholarly contributions from the group already have yielded two edited volumes with a third forthcoming in September 2019 [Gregg Gardner and Lily C. Vuong, Competing for the Temple Vessels (Near Eastern Archaeology special edtion, forthcoming 2019), Nathaniel DesRosiers and Lily Vuong, Religious Competition in the Greco-Roman World (Writings of the Greco-Roman World Supplement Series; Society of Biblical Literature Press, August 2016); Jordan Rosenblum, Lily Vuong, and Nathaniel DesRosiers, Religious Competition in the Third Century CE: Jews, Christians, and the Greco-Roman World. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht (2014)]. This journal aims to expand academic publication as no current journal easily encompasses the broad range of traditions that are the subject of religious competition in antiquity (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Late Antique philosophies) and fields (Biblical Studies, Rabbinics, Art History, Neoplatonism, etc.). In addition, this journal prioritizes modern novel methodological and theoretical frameworks for interpreting or reexamining ancient materials, providing a vehicle for modeling cutting edge, theory-driven research in religious studies.

The journal makes use of a double-blind peer-review process to ensure quality and encourage a diversity of scholarly voices.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2019)


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