ReligionProf Podcast with Rev. Matthew Kelley

ReligionProf Podcast with Rev. Matthew Kelley June 6, 2020

This is the 50th episode of the ReligionProf Podcast, and so perhaps a momentous occasion that ought to be marked! The podcast, as you presumably know, has been on hiatus for the summer and was shifting to being occasional rather than weekly or bi-weekly. But there was a conversation I wanted to have and to share with you, and even the pandemic couldn’t prevent it. You might wonder why a pandemic would prevent a podcast episode from being recorded, given that Zoom is the main platform used and it has become more widely used than ever. But being at home on home wi-fi didn’t bode well for consistency and recording. However, it all went smoothly, and now you can listen in and enjoy!

My conversation in this episode is with Rev. Matt Kelley. Matt can claim to be (without competitor) my first student at Butler. I began talking with him about his undergraduate honors thesis on the Book of Revelation even before I moved to Indianapolis. He is one of the co-editors of (but not the only Butler University Religion graduate involved in) the new book Fathering Stories, Volume 1. In the podcast we talk about the timeliness of the book and what we learn from listening to stories of parenting experiences very similar to as well as radically different from our own. I also learn about the comics included in the book, which includes this one called “Double Trouble.”

Strangely, one discovery I made as I looked to connect readers of my blog and podcast listeners with more from Matt, is that there is not only another Matt Kelley (no real surprise there), but another Matt Kelley who has written on the subject of faith and fatherhood!  And so rather than a short link, I have to specify that you can read more of what the Matt Kelley whom you hear in my podcast has written on Medium.

Get the book. It is highly affordable, and with Father’s Day coming up, the ebook makes a great gift you can bestow while still social distancing…or if you forget to get your father a gift until Father’s Day morning!

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