ReligionProf Podcast with Tripp Fuller (Divine Self-Investment)

ReligionProf Podcast with Tripp Fuller (Divine Self-Investment) November 17, 2020

There’s a new episode of the ReligionProf Podcast featuring theologian and fellow podcaster Tripp Fuller. The starting point for our conversation is his latest book, Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology. I also ask him about his most recent endeavors which have taken him to Edinburgh in Scotland. But the main focus of our conversation is one that is also a major focus of his book, namely the question of how the task that he is most focused on, theology, relates to the kind of work I do in biblical studies and in particular on the subject of the historical Jesus.

There’s more on this topic on Tripp’s podcast Homebrewed Christianity. He has also shared this podcast there as an episode, and spoken about the death of Terence Fretheim. Bob Cornwall has also reviewed Tripp’s book.

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