AI Transformations

AI Transformations March 30, 2021

It has been a while since I’ve written about the intersection of technology and religion. Although I have a lot of other interests that I have been focusing on, this has not ceased to be an ongoing interest of mine, and it is one that I will continue to return to. In the meantime, here are some things I’ve come across or had drawn to my attention elsewhere, not only about AI and religion but also technology and education and much else.

There is a wonderful article about a professor who has large replicas of Transformers outside his home

A study of the trolley problem/driverless cars has exposed significant differences in human morality 

There is a really good article in Inside Higher Ed about the persistence of “ZoomU.” It relates directly to discussions some of us have had on social media recently about remote learning. I wonder how many parents or learners, to say nothing of educators, are aware that simply moving your face-to-face teaching onto Zoom isn’t remote learning as it has the potential to be, as anyone with expertise would advise it to be. It is what many who lacked any training did in an emergency effort to adapt to challenging circumstances. I hope we won’t all be so fed up with Zoom that we try to avoid using it going forward. I also hope that educators will, if they haven’t already, get training in what online and remote pedagogies are optimal and how to deliver courses through them if they will continue to offer classes that can be taken by students who are not on campus and in the classroom. (Let me also praise Butler University for having dedicated instructional design staff and training to get those who weren’t up to speed to the extent possible over last summer.)

Spirit Tech

The End of the Uncanny Valley? The Pandemic Made Us Love Machines More

Westworld and Devs in the New York Times

Relevant recent article in Zygon

How Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics Impact AI

Praying with Alexa

Ethical AI

There is a conference on technology and remote learning

The Elusive Dream of Self-Driving Cars

Robots and the future of work

Automation and the future of work

Why most EdTech fails

Image Recognition is Susceptible to Typographic Attack

Blended Learning Competencies and Standards

Technology after the Pandemic

Distance Learning during the Pandemic: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Expand Technology Integration and Adult Digital Literacy

6 Resources for Teaching about Artificial Intelligence

How To Provide Immersive Learning Experiences Remotely

Prepare Your IT Department for an AI Skills Gap

Brian Davidson shared technology for ancient language workflow

An AI Still Struggles to Excel at a Challenging Video Game that Mirrors Real-World Running

Quantum computers in every home?

A 50/50 Chance We Are Living In A Simulation?

Hunting for Alien Fossils on Mars

What If There’s Life On Mars?

Nanofabricated mirrors make more powerful space telescopes

UFO sightings continue. Some defy simple explanation.

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