Are Jesus Songs Just Alright?

Are Jesus Songs Just Alright? April 13, 2021

I have been working this semester on creating a first draft of an open textbook on The Bible and Music and have the draft shared online so that I can use it with students to gather feedback in the course that inspired it and for which I am, in the first instance, developing it (although I obviously hope it will be more broadly useful). I am grateful to the PALSave initiative of PALNI, the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana, for their enthusiastic support for this initiative and for open educational resources more generally.

PALSave Textbook Creation Grants Awarded to Faculty Textbook Authors

See also the article in Inside Higher Ed on adoption of open educational resources.

I am glad that Del Case of Wheaton College in Massachussetts (right, not that one, the other one) was able to make a guest appearance in my class to talk about Jesus in popular music. He will be giving a series of talks in June on that topic: “Jesus Is Just Alright: What Pop Songs About Jesus Can Teach Christians Today.” He also has an event coming up sooner, the afternoon of April 15th, on Psalm 57: “In the shadow of your wings: Musical Bible study on the Psalms.” Del Case also wrote about sacred choral music at the Grammys and asked what shadows sound like.

There is a lecture, “Christianity and Opera: Grace, Faith, and Miracles,” to be delivered by Desirée Mays, coming up April 2oth. That event is organized by St. Thomas Church in New York City.

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