Anthropology, AI, and the Future of Human Society #CFP

Anthropology, AI, and the Future of Human Society #CFP November 15, 2021

This call for papers grabbed my attention:

The Call for Panels has been extended till 21 Nov 2021 (23:59GMT) !

Anthropology, AI and the Future of Human Society
Virtual Conference 6-10 June 2022

Without in any way wishing to limit the possibilities, we suggest below a few of the potential areas of interest:

  • Visions of the future: scientific and artistic imaginations
  • Ethics, law and governance
  • Biotechnology: DNA and reproduction
  • Consciousness and the machine/biological interface
  • Future conflicts and the military
  • Economics, the digital future and the creation of value
  • Inequality, sovereignty and demography
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Science fiction and its place in futures studies
  • Agronomics and ecology
  • Information, democracy and politics
  • Robots and sociality, and human/machine interaction
  • AI and human Identities
  • Space exploration and extra-terrestrial migration
  • Disciplinary reflections: anthropological attempts to anticipate the future

The arts as well as the sciences are invited, for this is an area of human speculation where both have made very great contributions, and we see the different approaches as being mutually stimulating.

Contact Info:

Hanine Habig

Royal Anthropological Institute

Contact Email:

Via RelCFP. There is also a call for applications for fellowships to support research related to the Association for Computing Machinery. Of related interest, here are some other items of news that connect in some way with this theme:

Scott McLemee provided an overview of several books forthcoming from university presses on these topics.

A new search engine is trying to stem the tide of clickbait and misinformation

Yuval Noah Harari Believes This Simple Story Can Save the Planet

CNN poll suggests most think Facebook is making our lives worse.

Even Instagram thinks you should take a break from Instagram.

Phillip K. Dick’s novel Vulcan’s Hammer will be made into a movie.

Tesla’s inaccurately-named “self driving” beta has caused a major crash.

Jeana Jorgensen’s brand new flash fiction story “Moral Module 6” also intersects with this topic at least somewhat – and is worth reading regardless of whether you’re interested in the theme that otherwise holds this blog post together!

Finally, you can watch AlphaGo: The Movie online!

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