Update on Temple of Jupiter Perennus

Update on Temple of Jupiter Perennus October 8, 2011

“Die Necromancers!” That was the message left by the vandals for our fellow worshipers in Poltavs’ka, Ukraine.  In the aftermath of the attack by Orthodox Christians on the Temple of Jupiter Perennus, little actual damage was done. Our sacred space was trashed with beer cans, graffiti, and construction materials. The temple itself is under construction, with little more than the foundation completed.  It was not damaged itself. An attempt was also made to desecrate a nearby altar with graffiti, but the vandals did no more than leave a symbol on the altar cover.

The only permanent damage came to Marcus Corvus. I was happy and relieved to learn that he has been released from the hospital with only cuts and bruises on his head, and an injured hand that should partially recover in time.

The intent of the attack was to intimidate our Roman community in Poltavs’ka. It has failed. Corvus is more determined than ever to proceed with plans for the construction of the temple. Security has been upgraded. The community itself has grown to around seventy cultores Deorum. Another community has been founded in Kaluga, Russia, while a third in the region was founded some years ago in Petersburg, Russia.  In a broader view, the attack was directed against all pagans. It came in the wake of similar attacks by Christians in Eastern Europe against pagan communities, as well as harassment of Jews and Muslims by an aggressive form of Christianity.  The real harm perpetrated by such people comes  to their fellow Christians, disgracing their own religion as they strengthen the bonds between pagan communities. That is the real lesson learned by this affair.

While the assault has conjured up images of Christian mobs burning our temples and priests in centuries past, the reality has been widespread outrage among pagan communities and an outpouring of support for our fellow worshipers, the cultores Deorum of Poltavs’ka.  An immediate effect has been an increase in donations from around the world to complete the construction of the Temple of Jupiter Perennus. Relatively inexpensive in the Ukraine, more than half of the goal for the construction fund from outside sources has been reached.  http://prodiis.org/c/pay/ Another temple in now under construction near Nashville, Tennessee, for a new community of cultores Deorum Romani. The total cost there will run about $70,000, paid for by the local community.  We have seen more communities founded in the last five years, and more sanctuaries erected. We are working now to have more temples eventually constructed. Such assaults on our communities only strengthen our resolve to restore the worship of the Gods and Goddesses.  We give thanks to the Gods for safeguarding M. Corvus, our flamen Dialis, his wife Appia, and his sons.  We also thank all of you who have shown your support for our community in Poltavs’ka and for our larger community of Romani during these difficult times.

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