May 19, 2014

This post was originally posted on my own site. I realized at the prodding of one of our co-conspirators over here that the piece intersected our concern for raising awareness of infanticide. Fifty percent of those killed in the atrocity events in the DRC were children under 5. That qualifies as infanticide.  Occasionally an event exposes the failure of the Left/Right divide. When this occurs it brings the hope and possibility of destabilizing the balance required to direct our attention… Read more

May 14, 2014

Over at TGC is a great piece by Joe Carter on 9 Things You Should Know About the Gosnell Infanticide Murder Trial, including this news item: The 3801 Lancaster Film Project is an ongoing documentary series about Kermit Gosnell, the Women’s Medical Society, and the cover-up by state and local oversight agencies. Read more

March 10, 2014

Over at Slate, William Saletan has an article on after-birth abortion. I love the beginning: Just when you thought the religious right couldn’t get any crazier, with its personhood amendments and its attacks on contraception, here comes the academic left with an even crazier idea: after-birth abortion. He goes on to make a good point: But it isn’t pro-lifers who should worry about the Giubilini-Minerva proposal. It’s pro-choicers. The case for “after-birth abortion” draws a logical path from common pro-choice… Read more

February 12, 2014

Over at ABC news is a good and fairly well balanced piece about the forthcoming vote in Belgium’s parliament about extending euthanasia to terminally ill children (see here and it includes a video). It is, as you can imagine, a very sensitive and heated issue. Nobody wants to see children suffer, especially in the later stages of cancer or degenerative illnesses. However, I think legitimate concerns are raised, like whether children possess the cognitive capacities to make end of life… Read more

January 9, 2014

I”m not a particularly emotional man. My wife calls me the world’s only living heart donor. But this nearly made me cry. This promo is for a documentary about the work of a Korean pastor to save abandoned children. For me, this is what pro-life means, not the often rancorous and distasteful debates that usually takes place over right to life issues, but actually acting to save those whom many would leave to die. The great argument against infanticide will… Read more

December 22, 2013

Belgium’s senate has approved a provision that extends the country’s euthanasia laws to children who are terminally ill. See the ABC News story here. Nobody wants to see children suffer in any way, however, I can think of three immediate problems with this type of legislation. First, there is the danger that resources for pediatrics and palliative care will be cut or reduced and, therefore, parents will be pressured into having their sick children euthanized. Second, can children really be… Read more

October 16, 2013

Here is a rather scary video about how a pro-life advocate pretended to be a pro-choice advocate and managed to get a bunch of college kids to sign a petition supporting “fourth trimester” abortion, i.e. infanticide. Either people don’t think when they sign petitions, or else, young people have got some screwed up ethical paradigms going on.   Read more

September 5, 2013

Over at the Daily Telegraph is an article on Gender Abortions: Criminal Charges Not in ‘Public Interest’ Says CPS. The article is about how doctors who agreed to arrange illegal abortions based on the sex of an unborn baby have been told they will not face criminal charges according to prosecutors. The doctors were secretly filmed during an interview where they agreed to do the abortions even though gender based abortions are illegal in the UK. At the Calthorpe Clinic… Read more

August 6, 2013

The UK Telegraph has an article by medical correspondent Stephen Adams entitled Killing Babies No Different from Abortion about the (in)famous Giubilini/Minerva JME article. The piece contains mostly Prof. Julian Savulescu’s defense of the pair for their article, arguing that they have been subjects of a witch hunt for advocating views which are controversial, but still clearly scholarly. At the end of the piece, thankfully, is a response from Dr. Trevor Stammers, director of medical ethics at St. Mary’s University… Read more

June 25, 2013

What does an Australian seminary professor, an Australian ethicist, a British doctor, and four Southern Baptist pastors all have in common? Well, they have banded together to launch an initiative called Protecting Infants (PI). The mission of PI is to advocate against the introduction of infanticide into clinical practices. The mission entails critically engaging philosophical arguments put forward to justify infanticide, drawing attention to incidents where infanticide is occurring, and fostering public opposition against the practice of infanticide. Our driving… Read more

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