Your Work Is Your Worship by Robert Ricciardelli

Your Work Is Your Worship by Robert Ricciardelli October 6, 2011

Work is natural to man and always has been a part of God’s plan for man. It is in our work, the art of our work, that adds great meaning to life. Without working in our purpose and being purpose filled in our work, life is dull, uninteresting and monotonous. Honest labor is also praise and worship to God. Great civilization and culture is always an achievement of great productivity in labor, inspiration and favor from God who manifests brilliantly through our work.

Man is the crown of creation, created in the image of God with skills and abilities to accomplish great things. With God given vision, creativity, and hope, we present the glory of God to the world around us. The Spirit of God within us directs us in choosing the right work and guides us throughout our journey. An idle man is generally an unhappy person and an idle mind is the workshop for evil. Nations become great through the freedom that each person has in their ability to work, create, and produce in a sustainable economy. Without work, man cannot build the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

For centuries and even today, many live dualistically between what they believe to be spiritual and what they believe to be natural. This creates a mindset that sees church and church activities to be a place that God really enjoys while he tolerates our existence in the marketplace. This deception causes us to pursue spiritual highs in church meetings in order for us to get through our week of drudgery at work and often times our family situation. God enjoys everything we are and everything we do that is done in His honor, and is more concerned in who we are and what we do in our work and families than what we could ever do in our religious activities. We must see God being pleased in our work as much as we would expect Him to be please in any other spiritual expression. All of life is spiritual, we cannot escape God, and we cannot escape every opportunity to please Him in every context of life.

This revelation must not be relegated to good theology or thought, but must become a reset of our mind and heart. It will remain as fruitless religion if we leave excited about knowing this and then not actually becoming this. To know and to not do is to truly not know, thus deception happens often through knowledge gained. We are in information overload as a church and  are quite simply deficient in activating foundational truths we have believed. A disciple of Jesus is a doer and not just a knower. The Pharisees were knowers, Theologians can be knowers, but disciples DO the will and purposes of God every day and in every way. There is no greater spiritual context than being authentic to who we are in Him in every moment of life.

Are you ready for your best life now and going forward? Renew your mind for all that God has called you to be that is integrated fully in your living, moving, and having your being in Him, and in every context of life. Enjoy this short video that graphically encourages us to live in this way.

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