A Shift Has Begun to Take Place by John C. Meyer

A Shift Has Begun to Take Place by John C. Meyer April 9, 2012

A shift has begun to take place. It’s the life our spirit has always longed for…

Hungry believers are realizing it’s never been about performance, but receiving the rest of His finished work, enabling them to have a blast living their passion without selfish agenda.

People are awakening to the realization that God really did create every person in His image, so they are changing their tone from one of anger induced output to Agape reality in everything they do.

Believers are now realizing that the stress of being controlled is just not worth the mental, spiritual and physical health risk anymore. They are discovering that God’s plan was never to dwell in a place where chains could be heard shaking and backs could be heard breaking.

Lovers of God have awakened to the Presence of a God who not only loves them, but actually likes them and enjoys hanging out with them, regardless of what they think about themselves.

People are now rejoicing because of the revelation that God has always been cheering them on when it comes to living an abundant life walking out their dreams.

Hungry believers have awakened to the “colorless” Kingdom of God where there is no prejudice against anyone regardless of what they believe, the lifestyle they live or the choices they make. Agape is now the life they live when they look upon anyone and everyone. Love is the power that changes lives….forever.

People of God are beginning to understand the reality of a life lived in segregation, separated from one another. They are taking action in erasing the lines that divide us and choosing to focus on The One who saved us rather than the doctrinal stance that leaves people in isolation, alone and afraid.

Christ followers are realizing that signs, wonders and miracles are not the evidence of Gods approval or acceptance, but they are a bi-product of living loved.

Hungry lovers of God are coming to the conclusion that the finished work of the cross means they do not have to suffer any longer with a fear based theology. The freedom from fear captivity comes with understanding the price Christ paid to set us completely free from worrying about our salvation and whether or not He still loves us when we have made a mistake.

Believers are now choosing to overlook all of their differences and they are rallying around the truth of who Christ is in person rather than theory.

Jesus lovers have been coming out of a mindset that was once dominated by a mentality of a continual suffering, to one of jubilant relief because it has dawned on them that God does not own a hammer with their name stamped on the head of it.

Believers who love to pray have realized that all of their screaming and shouting has not been necessary when it comes to intercession because the Great Intercessor Himself has come to them and has asked for His job back. Intercessors have been looking much more healthy and at peace because they are no longer praying in their own strength to make something happen.

Children of The Most High are smiling much more now due to their letting go of a religious mindset that has been telling them they have to look and act serious all the time to be spiritual. Any time they lose themselves in having child-like fun they have discovered those things they were so concerned about have worked themselves out without their help.

Believers everywhere have awakened to the truth they no longer have to be poor to be “spiritual”. The light bulb of revelation has turned on brightly in their spirit realizing that Christ died so they could have it all, including prosperity, to be a blessing. They have come to understand that people like Solomon, Abraham and Job were just as much human as they are and God takes no issue with having wealth when it is held with a loose grip.

Lovers of Jesus have been realizing that institutional Christianity has been wrapped in man-made borders with limited freedom within its ranks, causing them to search for the wide open spaces of their Fathers Love. They have chosen relationship over red tape and in doing so their spirit has been filled with contentment, peace and love for their brethren who have not yet made the journey beyond the barbed-wire of limited understanding.

Christ conscious believers are discovering that focusing on sin has done little to break open the great potential of human ability. They are finding out that where they focus has enormous impact on who they put their trust in and where they will find themselves in the golden years of this life.

Children of God are now coming to the realization that when it’s all said and done there is nothing more satisfying than knowing just how much they are loved by a Father who’s love does not change because of status, insecurity or failure. They have discovered that living loved is worth more than all of the wealth of the world, yet they know that because that love is cheering them on, the sky is the limit when it comes to going after their dreams.

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